Emergency Procedures and Unavoidable School Closure

If, as a last resort, we need to close school, we will try to contact local radio outlets and appropriate authorities to help notify everyone of our situation.

The following radio stations will announce our closure on the morning of the particular day provided that we can get through to them!

Our school website will also have the latest news, assuming we are able to access the server to update the pages. Please see the ‘snow’ flyer which we often distribute when we think there might be problems with winter weather. Never leave you child with us if there is any question of your being able to ‘retrieve’ them in the event of bad weather.

The local authority website will also report any closures by district:

Lancashire County Council


School Closures In Bad Weather

This information appeared in our newsletter on 18.11.15:

Please make absolutely certain that you have given us your contact details and that on days when adverse weather is forecast that YOU have a plan as to how you’ll retrieve your children, if necessary, at short notice. If you are in doubt please don’t leave us in a position where your child may be stuck! Don’t leave your child if you think you might not be in a position to collect him/her. We will try to put information on the school website (assuming the system can cope) and on local media if possible.

Please DO NOT leave children with us if there is EVER A RISK that you will not be able to come and collect in the event of an emergency such as a SUDDEN school closure. (Snow, wind, power failure etc)